The Property

If you love Corsica,


If you enjoy the lushness of tropical gardens,


If you enjoy superb views of the Gulfs of Saint Cyprien, Porto Vecchio, Pinarello Tower and the Villata padules, the island of Maddalena, the Gulf of Olbia and the Tavolara island

Then you may be interested in the only garden which can be regarded as botanical in Corsica!


(See guide du patrimoine botanique en France

France botanical heritage guide

 published in ACTES SUD)



 Health problems come along with age, and it is getting more and more difficult for me to maintain this vast garden, alone. I can’t afford to call on garden companies which, on the other hand, may not have the skills required for working in this so specialized garden. I therefore decided to put my property for sale with the hope of finding a buyer who will be as passionate as I am and who could count, if he wishes, on my help to learn more about this garden.



The estate is located on the slopes of Costa-Baca in Sainte Lucie de Porto Vecchio for a surface of about 8500 m2 ( 1ha counting the slope.)


The garden is a suite of seven islets delineated by the path which winds its way up to the house. The top field above the house is left to Corsican flora.


The house, built in 1998, is located 103 meters high, in the upper part of the grounds, integrated in the vegetation. It has a live-in surface of 150 sqm , one-storey; with ability to enlarge it to more than 200 sqm by using the basement which houses the garage and a cellar. The lower part of the land is constructible.


To see the plans of the house and its interior design, send me an e-mail at:


And I shall promptly answer you with attached files containing details on the house.